St. Helens Local Plan Preferred Options Consultation

By completing this form, you are writing to make comments on the ‘Preferred Options’ of the new St. Helens Local Plan. You can also use this form to make comments on the accompanying Draft Green Belt Review, Sustainability Appraisal, Habitats Regulations Assessment and other supporting evidence documents.  All documents are available to view and download on the Council’s website:

Please note, you do not have to answer every question; only those that relate to a part of the Plan you are interested in.


Data Protection Statement:

The personal information provided on this form (address, contact details, signature) will be processed in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998.  It will be treated as confidential and used only to progress the St.Helens Local Plan to adoption.  However, your name and representation will be made publicly available and cannot be treated as confidential.